Our Process


When we first meet it's about getting to know each other.  Expect to discuss:

•your lifestyle and financial goals

•the services we provide, our background and ways we can help you

•painting a realistic picture of your overall financial situation

Research & Strategy

After understanding your circumstances, goals and attitude to risk, we will investigate a range of options available to help you reach your goals


Based on our discussions and research we will present you with a customised financial plan that is written in plain English, which will set you on the path to where you want to be


Once we've discussed the details of your strategy and you are confident to proceed, we can also help by putting your personal plan into action.

We won't just give you advice and leave it for you to follow on your own - we can professionally implement your chosen strategies on your behalf and ensure they are operating effectively


We aim to provide a consistent and comprehensive ongoing service. To be truly effective, your strategy should be a living document. It should change in line with your personal priorities and the changing legislative landscape, and it should meet the cyclical challenge of the investment market.

Reviewing your plan as part of our ongoing service program will help ensure it is up-to-date and enables us to provide support, guidance and information so that you’re well placed to take advantage of the available opportunities.  Our ongoing service program is an optional service.  

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