Posted by IFS on August 31, 2015

Having melted in the early part of the week, markets recovered back into the black by week’s end. Or is it a dead-cat bounce?

Please find a tried and true recipe for Melting Moments:


Ingredients usually present for sometime before the meltdown commences
125g butter, softened (every melting moment needs rate cuts)
½ cup icing sugar (every central banker has a sprinkle of magic dust)
½ cup custard powder (like QE not every recipe has it, but ask the Greeks this stuff is great)
1 cup self-raising powder (the very core of the recipe is growing demand)

45g butter, softened (if in doubt add extra rate cuts)
½ cup icing sugar (can never have too much magic dust)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (go easy, like too much credit this can overpower the entire mix)
2 tablespoons milk (this is like confidence, is the glue that sticks the whole thing together)


This all an exact science whereby dials are set at specific levels and turned to effect appropriate heating up and cooling down.

  1. Beat and mix ingredients all together until light and fluffy, but it need not sustain its own weight.
  2. Roll-out roughly between the sectors (can vary depending upon your mood and with each recipe).
  3. Bake in moderate oven (watching closely) until well and truly cooked.
  4. Initially too hot to handle, but cools down quickly enough.

Can last for some months, even up to 2 years, but susceptible to freezing!

FYI 20150828 - MELTING MOMENTS.pdf

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Information in this article was provided by Darryl Conroy | Head of Treasury Research, Suncorp Group Limited ABN 66 145 290 124 or one of its related entities "Suncorp".



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